The deadlines for CAD Model & Design Report submission has been rescheduled to 30th July,2018 & 27th August,2018 respectively

Introduction to Enduro Student India

Enduro Student India: Pro and Clubman Class

What has changed?

Enduro Student India is the new, facelifted version of BSI.

The organizers of the event, Delta Inc., who, from the inception of the competition have always looked to push the boundaries of what is possible have come up with the name change to signify the most drastic change in  Student Design Competitions.

What hasn’t changed?

What hasn’t changed is our approach to the competition. What hasn’t changed is our ever growing need to improve, grow and develop the concept of student design competitions, in line with the steadily growing need for such competitions in technical education scenario, which is all the more evident in India.

Delta Inc has been at the forefront of positive change in student design competitions in India. The list of these changes range from the small change in safety rule of working in Hot Pits only to the Major feedback help through Online Picture submissions.

Why the two series?

In this list of positives identified above, we did have a crimping failure from operating stand point with the limitations on the number of teams that we could accommodate to ensure a quality competition. Since 2014, we have had over 110 teams as part of the competition, yet when we look at the figure of 450 existing  teams in India, we are reminded of the stark failure to accommodate the teams.

The competition stands by the quality it imbibes and for doing so, we needed to give a chance to the teams who were not able to make the cut to the main competition. These teams may be new, may be inexperienced or may have had some unfortunate circumstances that would have left them without a competition to build their vehicle towards.

The “Clubman” class looks to fix this issue. Teams participating in the “Clubman” class would be able to soak in in the spirit of the competitions and gather important data (experience) that will help them improve and thus allow them to graduate to the main category, the “Pro” class.

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