Second phase of registrations for ESI ( Combustion & Electric) will be open till 28th August,2018

ESI Virtual League 2018

Each interested team is required to upload the given amount of pics with a description and caption on the theme presented for the duration of the round. The team would be expected to upload the pic during the duration of the event and the pic would be posted on our social media websites (the relevant ones) after they have been checked for appropriateness. Uploading of pics would be done between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm every night. But only pictures uploaded before 9:00 pm on that particular day would be considered for upload.

The first three rounds would have the pictures uploaded on Instagram on the official ESI page. The maximum likes (not shares, but likes) received by the picture would be awarded 25 points, 20 for the next highest number of likes and so on. Over the three Instagram rounds, the top 10 teams with the maximum number of points from each week would be shortlisted for the semi-finals or the Twitter round.

The twitter round would have one event from which the top 5 will be selected to take part in the final round to be held over facebook. Same rules will apply for the facebook and twitter rounds, namely the maximum number of likes over the duration would determine the top point scorer.

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