The deadlines for CAD Model & Design Report submission has been rescheduled to 30th July,2018 & 27th August,2018 respectively

Change in event format & name

Please note, the Operations Team behind the event has decided to shape the event towards a new direction. Under the new format, there will be 2 classes of teams:  Pro & Clubman.

The 79 teams currently listed as "Selected Teams" & will be competing under "Pro" category. 

To increase the reach of the competition we will be allowing entries from inexperienced or new comer teams as well. These teams would be competing under "Clubman" category.

The 2 classes will be competing in 2 different competitions but at the same location ( Gedee Advanced Driving Institute, Coimbatore). The Pro category will run between 5-9 Jan,2017 & the Clubman category will run between 10-12 Jan,2017. 

Detailed event format & schedule for the Clubman category will be released by 25th September,2016 & registration will go live on 26th September,2016 at 0000 Hours ( Indian Standard Time).

An official Press Release regarding the same will be released within the next 24 hours. 

We will also be migrating to a new website & email ID within the next 24 hours. Teams might experience slight inconvenience over the next 24 hours while we shift to a new domain & email server.

Good Luck!

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