Second phase of registrations for ESI ( Combustion & Electric) will be open till 28th August,2018


We are launching the electric category for ESI 2019. They would be participating and judged alongside the Combustion category and during the same dates while sharing the same venue and the track. Please check the calendar for further details.

01. Who all can participate for ESI Electric?

Existing electric off-road vehicle teams or teams who want to venture into the future of motoring. Anyone with an interest in building the future is welcome to participate.

02. Do I need to buy a separate kit for ESI Electric?

No, not specifically. If you have participated in other off-road design competitions in India over the last two years, you would be eligible to participate for ESI Electric. Complete homologation rules would be made known shortly.

03. What is the registration fees for ESI: Electric?

ESI: Electric will have the same registration fees as ESI: Combustion, INR 60,000 (plus taxes).

04. What are the dates for ESI: Electric?

The dates for ESI: Electric are the same as ESI: Combustion, Jan 3rd to 6th, 2019.

05. What is the venue for ESI: Electric?

The venue for ESI: Electric is the same as Combustion, Geedee Advanced Driving School, Eachaneri, Coimbatore.

06. What is the submission criteria for ESI: Electric?

The submission criteria and deadlines for ESI: Electric remains the same. Additionally, the Electric teams have to submit a Powertrain Specification document along with proof of purchase from the vendor to certify the suitability of powertrain. They would also have to nominate an Electric Safety Officer for their teams. All details on these submissions would be released two to three weeks prior to the submission deadline.

07. What powertrains would be allowed?

Any powertrains upto and under the specified limits would be allowed. However, we would also share the links to our trusted vendor from which the complete powertrain can be sourced.

08. When will the powertrain limits be announced?

As specified in the calendar, we will release the powertrain specification by 14th July, 2018.

09. How do I register for the event?

Registration for ESI: Electric is same as registering for ESI: Combustion. Click on “Register now” button under Read the registration guideline carefully. Under the registration button, select “Electric”.

10. Can I use any other powertrain not procured by the event specified vendor

Yes, you can use any other powertrain that has been procured from a different vendor as long as there is proper documentation proving the reliability and safety of the electrical system procured.